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Strategic planning

Every digital transformation is unique. To ensure success, yours must be adapted to the characteristics and needs of your organization.

Baseline helps you plan your digital strategy by analyzing:
  • Your business processes and their level of automation
  • Your use of data during decision making
  • Your data collection and administration processes
  • The technical digital expertise of the organization
  • Your organization's readiness for change
And using the information gathered to formulate a concrete and progressive action plan with recommendations on:
  • The potential to automate your processes
  • How to leverage your data for a better return on investment
  • The relevance of purchasing or developing an AI solution in your strategy

Processes automation

Many daily tasks are repetitive and can be eliminated with a better integration between the various digital platforms. Automation improve worker engagement and productivity by allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Baseline helps your automation efforts by:
  • Identifying et prioritizing automation opportunities
  • Choosing the automation solution that best fits your situation
  • Developing et maintaining your automation solution

Data acquisition

Not all the data you need is produced by your own processes. The web's big data can provide extra insights and fuel for your artificial intelligence efforts. However, collecting and organizing it can be challenging.

Whether by using APIs, web scrapping, or other techniques, Baseline helps you acquire the data you need by:
  • Identifying the best acquisition method
  • Building and maintaining the acquisition system
  • Organizing the acquired data to ensure its reliability and sustainability

Data management

To power your business intelligence and artificial intelligence systems, data must be accessible, reliable, standardized and anonymous.

Baseline helps you to maintain data quality by:
  • Deploying the necessary tools to extract and transform your raw data into actionable data
  • Exporting your data to secure analytics database (data warehouses or data lakes)
  • Versioning data to update them easily
  • Standardizing data from different sources to make it interoperable
  • Anonymizing data to protect you from ethical concerns related to their use

AI solution development

Artificial intelligence takes your organization's automation to the next level by automating a range of tasks beyond the reach of traditional software. Developing intelligent systems, however, comes with its own set of challenges that must be properly addressed to ensure the success of the project.

Baseline helps you realize your AI ambitions by:
  • Reviewing the scientific litterature to identify the best approach to your problem
  • Developing robust machine learning systems that can easily be updated with new data
  • Deploying the machine learning system in a stable and safe environment
  • Continuously evaluating the system during development and exploitation to ensure requirements are met
  • Protecting you from the ethical dangers of AI by considering issues like anonymity and discrimination

Training and seminars

A successful digital transformation is an informed transformation. Baseline offers general seminars and tailor-made training to help you understand and address the organizational and technical challenges you will face in both your digital transformation and your adoption of artificial intelligence.

Baseline seminars cover a variety of topics, selected specifically to meet your needs, such as:
  • Human aspects of digital transformation
  • The role of data in digital transformation
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Governance challenges and ethical considerations in AI
  • Developing and implementing an AI strategy
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of an AI project

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