Range of services

Exploratory evaluation

The exploratory evaluation allows you to quickly assess the potential impact of AI in your business, analyze your strengths and weaknesses in relation to AI, and suggest an action plan detailing the next steps to move forward. Through meetings with key members of your organization, we will gather the necessary information to produce a detailed report tailored to your needs. This report consists of...
  • a diagnosis of data management processes;
  • an analysis of opportunities for tangible improvements to your current operations;
  • concrete proposals to capitalize on these opportunities.
This evaluation takes place within a week and concludes with a presentation of this report, allowing to discuss the conclusions with the experts that produced it.

Personalized coaching

For businesses that already have AI projects in the planning or development stages, we offer the opportunity to benefit from expert advice on a regular basis to steer the project in the right direction. The coaching is often characterized by:
  • an hour bank system that lets you keep control over consulting costs;
  • the ability to be used only at the most opportune moments in a project.

Solution Development

Once a project has been selected, based on your needs and available resources, we can take charge of or accompany you to bring this project to a successful conclusion. This solution is a natural continuity to an exploratory evaluation, but can also be applied to projects developed in-house. The development of solutions is divided into phases so that you can easily assess the project's progress and keep control over costs. A typical solution development is as follows:
  • Phase I: Proof of concept. The aim is to develop a minimal solution showing that tangible benefits can be gained. If the proof of concept is successful, we can move on to the next phase.
  • Phase II: Development of models and implementation of solutions to achieve the primary objective. This involves improving the solution obtained in Phase I, making it easily usable and analyzable, and ensuring that it works in practice.
  • Phases III and beyond: Implementation of secondary objectives. Once Phase II is completed, it is possible to extend the solution to meet different or more advanced needs.
Overall, in this service we offer:
  • to develop AI models that produce tangible benefits;
  • to choose methods that correspond to the best existing practices in the field of AI;
  • to work directly with your internal staff to get things up and running.

Tailor-made training

We offer training and courses relevant to your business area in a flexible format. Whether it's to introduce the basics of AI to your team, or to create a course targeted to a specific portion of your operations, we will adapt our training to your needs. The trainings...
  • are adapted to the staff's technical knowledge level;
  • present state-of-the art techniques up-to-date with the newest literature;
  • suggest concrete avenues to apply the gained knowledge;
  • are available as a "meetup", lunch & learn or full/half-day seminar.
Our wide variety of expertise allows us to provide you with one or more trainers who will be able to adapt to your reality.

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